XPO Logistics' Brad Jacobs is looking for a new industrial "sweet spot" for investment and growth as he prepares to hand the CEO role at XPO to Mario…

September 2022

Tentative deal struck early this morning averts a nationwide rail strike
The prospect of a nationwide rail strike is already shaking up freight shipping

August 2022

The availability of truck capacity varies by market and sector, making terms like "tight" or "loose" capacity less useful in a market where freight…

July 2022

Big trucking companies are reporting big second quarter revenue and profit gains, while smaller carriers struggle in a high-cost market that is very…
No shortage of trucks on I-95; a tale of three truckers; and why the producer price indexes are so important to shippers.
With the economic indicators pointing every which way, shippers and carriers are trying to cope with 'The Circumstances.'

December 2021

After $1.5 billion in acquisitions this year, the largest US truckload operator has a chance to advance the reinvention of LTL trucking

October 2021

Despite a tight-capacity trucking market and skyrocketing imports, truck tonnage is lower than it was in 2018 and 2019. MSU's Jason Miller helps explain…

September 2021

It's been a wild ride with many sharp turns for XPO Logistics. Expect more surprises in its second decade.
By sticking with 'violated assumptions' used to determine appropriate safety stock levels, we're making supply shortages worse

August 2021

A 19th-century inventor's work presages the current trend toward electrification.